Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Was Found Floating In My Head

I used to work at a photo development store. The owner would sometimes keep copies of pictures that were weird or funny, even though it was probably illegal or something. Mainly he kept pictures of naked women or people doing stupid shit. Even though it was ten years ago, I can’t get these two pictures out of my head. I decided to badly reproduce them here for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.

And I censored these because I didn’t feel like showing you how badly I draw body parts. You’re welcome again.


  1. is that REALLY what the guy in the 2nd picture looked like? also, it's rather common practice in photo development institutions. I had a friend that had a sizable collection of pilfered scandalous photos.

  2. Yes!!! He really looked like that! And it was more of a close-up...And he looked more surprised, I am not that good of an artist yet...

  3. OK, this update made my frickin' day!