Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I was saying 'Boo-urns'

Oh yes, I am sick once again. After two days of self imposed quarantine in my apartment, I decided that it was time to venture over to the doctor for proper medication; codeine and antibiotics...

And god-damn, it was sunny this morning. As soon as I stepped outside, my arms went up to shield my face and I started hissing like a vampire thrown into a sunbeam. I am in no way proud of how I dressed to go to the doctor. I had my rats nest of a hairdo in a shitty ponytail, or as you would probably call it: a mange-tail. No socks, which proved to be a HORRIBLE idea because my stupid new shoes tore the shit out of my stupid ankle. The crowning glory of my look, besides no makeup, was the dirty, dog-hair riddled tank-top I found on my floor.

Yeah, it's about 85 degrees in Chicago today, but I'm walking around with a kleenex and making bug-eyes on the bus because I can't stop hacking. I'm what you might call 'ladylike'. Ugh.

So, after I infected everyone on the bus with my various diseases, I finally arrived at the doctor's office. They have these masks there for people like me to wear so I don't get everyone else sick, but if I wore one then I would feel like a fucking insane freak, so I always get this moral dilemma, which ends with me sitting as far away from everyone as possible and pretending like I didn't see those masks. Whatever.

And I SWEAR TO GOD that the doctor kept looking at my upper breastel region in AN UNDOCTORLY WAY! I caught him glancing like at least 3 times. And since I'm never paying attention to dudes doing that shit, if I catch someone I must assume that they are (1) really bad at looking and (2) that I didn't catch them the 10 other times they were staring at my chest.

I just really don't have it in me for that kind of shit today. AND I forgot to buy kleenex at the pharmacy. So, you know, sometimes you lose. Then you lose again.

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