Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fluckin' Dags

The past two days have been filled with dogs.  So many dumb dogs.  I like dogs usually, but this was too much...I had to visit my family for two days. So, I had to bring MY dog with. My dog is a freeky little Chinese Crested, which means that he is basically hairless.  He is clean. He is weird looking as shit and he is my homeboy.

My family, on the other hand, has two dogs; a little Yorkshire Terrier, and a gigantic Black Russian Terrier puppy.  IDK if you care about dog breeds, but the Black Russian Terrier puppy, Gustav, is a massive beast of a dumb-ass puppy. I let him in from outside, and he instantly takes a shiz...INSIDE! WTF.  So, that happened like three times, and this dog eats like 5 cans of food a day, so, you can imagine.  Plus he barks constantly.  I was annoyed by this idiot the whole time. So, there was that.

Then, the poor little Yorkshire Terrier is so upset by all the commotion over the past couple days, that she barfs then BM's in her crate (which is unusual for her but WHATEVER), guess who's the only one around? Yeahhhhhhh.

Gustav tried to eat my dog (and scratched him), and jumped on me and woke me up at 6.45 am (a full three hours after I fell asleep) and my foot got peed on at some point during these adventures. Fucking awesome.

Finally I get back to my apartment with my little champion, "Kramer, you're the best dog ever!  You were so good!" I say to him as he quietly lays on my lap...and proceeds to barf all over me...  

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