Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life goals and shit

I'm not very good with the follow through of life goals. Except one, that I've been following through with for most of my life. That life goal is to never get stung by a bee again. I realized today that the last time I got stung by a bee, I was probably in fifth grade, and I was like 'never again assholes', or probably more like 'never again stupid jerks'. (I didn't develop a foul mouth until about 4 years later). But I've actively been on the watch for bees ever since. I heard that bees are dying out. That doesn't make me feel that bad because I think bees are little monsters. I even had a giant bee on my foot this summer, which made me not go outside for about 3 weeks, but it didn't sting me. So. I fucking win.

I'm going to bee really pissed if I get stung now that I've written this though. I hate jinxing myself, but as a warning to the world, bees get all fucking crazy in the fall cuz they know that they're going to die after the frost. So, everyone beeware.

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