Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poor decision making...

Recently I've developed the habit of going out and getting all crazy on my 'Fridays'. This may involve bars, karaoke, house parties, having people over or staying out all night. I usually just wait to see what the night brings...I am burning the candle at both ends. And what a delightful light it brings...But in the midst of this chaos, I am also dutifully seeing my therapist, so that I stay on track with my real-life shit. Which brings me to my story...

I make my therapist appointments for my day off...And on my day off, I usually seem to be recovering from severe partying. So, I biked to my therapists office with a hangover to beat all. Why did I bike there? I have no fucking idea. I like to think I was still drunk at 4pm. Maybe...So, I have my water, and I tell her, "Just so you know, I don't feel well. Too much last night, toooooo muuuuccchhh." I blabber on for about 20 minutes and suddenly I'm like, 'shit. imma barf in here.' I stand up, freaking out, and I'm like, "Where's the bathroom?" She tells me and I'm running down the hall hiccup-barfing...I make it to the bathroom without much incident and proceed to violate the toilet...After a few minutes in the bathroom I try to make myself look 'presentable' which only involves me staring at my reflection in the mirror, then undoing my hair to cover the water/barf? splatter on my shirt. You better believe that I'm a classy fucking lady, potential barf splatters don't fly in my book.

So, how did I preserve my upstanding reputation? With a joke of course. I sauntered right back into that room and I was like " WOW! I feel SO much BETTER!" I'm okay with it. I'm paying her not to judge me.

(But seriously, lesson learned).

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