Monday, January 10, 2011

The oldfactory

I smelled something the other day. Something delicious. And the only category I could place that smell in was "Rich-Man's-Wife". Then I was like, well, if that's what a rich man's wife smells like, then what do I smell like? That's when I realized that when I'm not smelling like B.O. and garlic, I usually go for "Stripper-Smell", which is a flowery, perfumey smell. It's fun, it's easy and yes, it's cheap. Oh, you want to know what a rich man's wife smells like, right? Well, the perfume she wears lingers, it's complicated, and the expensiveness of it gets stuck in your nose.

And when I thought about what exactly I would WANT to smell like, I realized that I really prefer "Powerful-Lesbian-Who-Pulls-In-6-Figures"...That's really the one that stands out the most...

There are so many interesting smells. Dare you to notice.

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