Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BACON! aka: The Gateway Meat

After being a full-on vegetarian for eight years and a partial vegetarian for five years before that, I have found my way back to meat. What caused me to change my eating habits? BACON! (And a seriously profound craving for meat over the course of the past couple of years).

I still feel bad about it (I never said that I wasn't eating meat because it didn't taste good), but it's pretty cool to rediscover all the new things I can eat. And I can be choosey...I used to, in my day, eat any type of meat if it was around. But, now I know that I don't like sausage that much, so guess what? I'M NOT EATING IT. Yeah, that's right. But I will eat bacon. On everything. At any chance I get. BACON, BACON, BACON!!!

I was never pushy about others becoming vegetarians, and I still think people should eat less meat (or no meat) generally speaking...But vegans? Ugh, give me a break. Never liked those motherfuckers too much...Never met a vegan that wasn't religiously trying to convert everyone and demanding everyone else to cater to their self-imposed dietary restrictions...Sorry vegans, but it's true. Well, I'm sure they're not ALL zealots, but...they kinda are...


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