Sunday, June 20, 2010

A little advice about paying

A few weeks ago I was at a gas station in my hometown buying Certs because I love them and I can't find them in Chicago. I walked up to pay as some dude was walking out the door. The cashier was staring at this guy then looks at me and says, "Fucking ASSHOLES who throw their money on the counter! I FUCKING HATE these assholes who can't just hand their money, they just FUCKING THROW IT DOWN!" She then proceeded to give the biggest eye-roll that I've ever seen, growl, drop a couple more f-bombs, then says; "Hi Honey, how you doin' today?"

So OF COURSE I said, "I'm doing fine. And I fucking hate when people throw their money down too. When I hand them their change I set it in front of them. They OBVIOUSLY don't want to touch my hands for some reason."

I keep my hands pretty clean and that cashier had clean hands too. So, I don't think it's us. People who just throw their money down for me to pick up are rude. And I am against people being rude.

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