Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Humor, wha?

So, the thing about humor is...Well, the happier you are, the less funny you are...I think. That seems to be the problem anyway. Like, all comedians are miserable, right? About their lives or something...But they are fucking hilarious. The more stressed out they are the more funny they are, because humor comes from the brink of shit.

And that's my problem. I'm too happy. Things are going too well. I'm trying to find something to be stressed about, but there is nothing. Like the stuff I could pick to flip my shit is so lame I could barf; "Oh, man, the coffee at 7-Eleven SUCKS!", or "My deodorant is MOSTLY working!", "I only have SOME delicious food!", "I'm getting SO MANY hours at work, my paycheck will be BIG!", "My boyfriend says things (after reading this over my shoulder) like, 'Sorry I fucked the funny out of you, SORRY!' " And it's true. I'm gonna be so not mad.

Hilarity. Oh well.

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