Monday, September 27, 2010


A couple months ago my sister told me that her boyfriend LOVED going to Costco. When I found this out I was overjoyed. I was like 'SWEET! Now I can have like a years worth of tampons for the cost of like six months worth of tampons!' (Or that is what I thought because I've never been in a Costco and I have no idea what the prices are like...but I imagine that the prices rule.) So, I was all like, 'Tell him to buy me a YEAR'S WORTH OF TAMPONS!'

She said he wouldn't because he doesn't even buy her tampons at a regular store. Fuck that shit. If your boyfriend won't even buy you tampons, then you might as well just get pregnant. (kidding [or am I?])

I hate running out of bathroom stuff. I hate buying tampons (because I only ever buy a month's supply), I hate running out of toilet paper, I hate running out of toothpaste...blah blah blah. You know, because I assume you feel the same way.

So, today I went to the dollar store to buy some tampons, the cheapest kind, because I feel like they should be free, because dudes don't have to spend shit on shit for their hygiene if they don't feel like it...And I bought a lot of cheap-ass tampons, and if the string breaks off, I'll flip my shit because that's never happened before, but I could totally handle it, but it would be lame, and I would write a very graphic letter to Femtex explaining what happened...BUT I DIGRESS!

The point is; that when I was reading the stupid insert about TSS on these cheap-ass tampons,(because, for some reason, I always do, and I also want to see how the diagram portrays a vagina/uterus) I discovered that they measure the absorption rate of the tampons with something called a "SYNGYNA test". WTF?!

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  1. SYNGYNA is going to get you!!!! lol... Be careful..

    Additionally, if the string breaks, you could always call 911 and they MAY send a really hot firefighter.. :)