Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh, food...

So, at my birthday party all I was trying to do was eat a delicious Chicken Chili Verde Burrito from Trader Joe's...It sounds so simple right? I hunker down, cut a piece (yes, I CUT burritos [Taco Bell taught me that food spills out of burritos {and I don't fuck with food stained shirts anymore}]). I put that first delicious bite in my mouth, and FUCK ME, I bit down on my lip piercing with my canine tooth hard enough to take out a huge chunk of tooth.

I mean, it's not that HUGE. I really have to point it out to people when I show them. And I show EVERYONE. Even strangers. I'm all like, look what I did to myself on my BIRTHDAY! Yeah, that's gonna cost a couple hundred dollars to fix.

And the worst part? I had to spit out that first burrito bite, because it was all full of tooth. Anyway, my lip piercing is dead to me. Forever. I'm done with that shit. You ruin even a bite of my burrito, and there's a Hell you have to Pay.

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