Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Menstruation just got fun, thanks to U by Kotex...Srsly.

I can't believe that no one had thought of this yet. I mean, I've been menstruating for about seventeen years and it's been pretty monotonous. Bleed, go buy tampons. Bleed, go buy tampons. And on and on and on. But recently I saw some colorful tampons and I instinctively wanted to buy some, but then I reminded myself that the 'cool' tampons were for the kids and not for oldie-moldys like me. (This made me sad, but saved me fucking money [$] in the long-run). But then, I remembered something: I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT. Seriously, I don't. So I bought some of those motherfuckers and found them to be satisfactory and make me just a little happier to menstruate. And I just can't fucking believe that someone in advertising over the past-how-many-years, didn't say: 'Hey motherfuckers, the ladies want their tampons to look fucking cool.'

It's like I want to get my period now, just to use these cool motherfucking tampons.
Bleed motherfuckers, bleed.


  1. That is SWEEEEEET!! They should bedazzle that shit...

    Seriously tho, I'm going to buy multicolored tampons next time..

  2. I gotta get me some of these bad boys.

  3. dude. these are pretty awesome. And they are like $4.25 at my local family dollar, LOL