Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE INFAMOUS: C & C Combo!!!

What is a C & C Combo?

Well. Sometimes you have to buy condoms. And sometimes, for various reasons, that can be awkward. Sometimes you have to ask your partner or your partner has to ask you to buy condoms. And sometimes it just sounds LAME to say, 'Hey, should I get some condoms from wherever or what?' SO instead, I say, 'Hey, should I get a C & C Combo or what?' and then not only do you not sound lame, but you also have a code and you don't have to leave CVS with only condoms. You have to buy something else that starts with a 'C', like Candy or ice Cream or Coca Cola Classic (triple bonus points) or Campbell's Soup or whatever is the weirdest thing you can think of to combine with condoms. It's kind of fun. And you're welcome. I think it's funny to make the cashier blush. But if I think the cashier is looking at me like I'm a slut, well, then, that pretty much sucks. But at least I'm not having illegitimate children left and right (this is how I console myself). xo. Kinda drunk right now. Sorry, but enjoy anyway.


  1. I recently bought Magnums and totally unrelated, some Advil. Shame and pride, shame and pride.

  2. One time I bought marshmallows and tequila and tampons. You know, just the necessities..