Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God, I love the dollar store...UPDATE

I was at the dollar store by my apartment yesterday. I go there to buy toilet paper, paper towels, and other stupid shit that is cheaper there than at other places...Anyway, I had the spoils of my visit and I was waiting in line to pay and I was vaguely listening to the two employees talk, while ignoring customers, as they rang people up. There were maybe five people in line in front of me, so I got a good earful.

There is one thing you need to know: I work for a major retail establishment completely focused on customer service. I am a fucking customer service expert. And a goddamned amazing conversationalist when I want to be.

So. I'm listening to these two cashiers who are back to back ringing people up (slowly, might I add [I'm a fucking speed-demon at register {not to brag}]), and I must have heard them say "Fuck That Shit" about 5 times. As I get closer I hear this conversation:

Cashier #1: I can't believe that lady yesterday, complaining bout our customer service. Fuck That Shit.

Cashier #2: I KNOW. What an idiot. We're GREAT AT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Cashier #1: We ARE great at customer service. She was so stupid.

(At this point cashier #2 has a woman step up and smile, to begin the transaction)

Cashier #2 to next customer: WHAT?! Do YOU have SOMETHING to SAY?!

I don't know how well this translates in the written form, over me telling you personally, but it was fucking ridiculous. Basically, the cashier was being confrontational with a CUSTOMER while talking about how much they all FUCKING RULE at customer service at this dollar store. OMFG.

Gotta love Family Dollar. I was so sad that I was alone and didn't have a friend to witness this stupid shit.

I really wanted to tell the bitch with the hickey and the other bitch with a bull-dog underbite that I AM THE ONE WHO FUCKING RULES AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. But I didn't say shit because I didn't want them to jump the counter and beat the shit out of me. And I also have a really good job, while they work at the dollar store. So. You know.

*UPDATE: I was in there the other day and one of the same employees was 'stocking' and TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE! WTF? I want that job. But, not really...

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  1. Was it worth a dollar? I think so. Thank you, this cheered me up, and also reminded me of this awesome song by Yo Majesty.