Sunday, October 17, 2010

I was too late...

I was walking Jackson Corndog today after work, when a little dog came running up out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me and Jack. Sometimes a few people around here, for some stupid reason, walk their dogs without leashes, but I didn't see anyone around.

So, I try to get this dog to follow us. But he just barks. And I'm like 'oh shit I don't know what to do'. So, I'm calling him like a freak and he is just yapping and cars are going by and I'm freaking out. So, I run Jack home, grab his leash off of him, fly back out the door and take off down the sidewalk only to see a car stopped in the middle of the road and a guy standing, looking in front of his car, and I hear a dog yelping.

He's like, 'Do you have a dog?'

I'm like, 'That's not my dog...Did you hit him? Is he okay?'

All I'm thinking is: 'SHIT FUCK. I SHOULD HAVE PICKED THE DOG UP OR I have to look at a dead dog and find some neighbor person and tell them their dog is dead SHIT FUCK'.

Then the guy is like, 'I ALMOST HIT HIM! I was going to take him. Do you want to take him?'

So, this guy has this dog on the floor in the back of his car and I'm trying to get the leash on him when this woman walks over and is all like, 'Do you have my dog?' And we're all like 'Yeah.' And the guy tells her that he almost hit the dog, and the lady just looks at her dog and is like, 'Oh Frankie, you so stupid!'

Then we realize the dog crapped in his back seat.

Then I walked away.

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  1. Reading this was like taking a seat on an emotional roller coaster! You had me at the edge of my seat!