Monday, October 11, 2010

The old man routine?

I was about to ring an older gentleman up for some wine today when he stopped me and asked, "Are you old enough to ring this up?"

I replied, "Oh, indeed, I am more, MORE, than old enough."

And he said, "Then I want what you've been drinking."

I assured him that it was red wine every night and a high salt diet, lots of dark chocolate, lots of swearing, and a loud refusal to act proper and dignified.

I don't know if he believed me or not.

Age is hard on a woman...

1 comment:

  1. You should write a book or something. The High Alcohol, High Salt, Low Tolerance Diet, for example.

    The other day a woman, probably 40, told me I have amazing skin. I told her it's because I work in a place where I have no exposure to the sun's harmful rays. She considered this, but mentioned it's probably not good for my vitamin D levels. So I said "well, they do let me leave every once in a while. I think it's the law or something." And that's how I successfully ended that stupid conversation.