Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Letter: To Snow

Dear Snow,

I really like you! You make me so happy because you are beautiful! There is never a time that you are snowing down that it isn't so pretty outside! You make winter really super!

In fact, if you are falling outside, then I know that it is not too cold out there. When it is too cold you stay up inside of your mother; a cloud. It must be weird and smooshie in there but I suppose all mothers are weird and smooshie, so whatever.

After you stop snowing down I am not so happy anymore. Maybe I will be happy for the rest of the day or night, but then no more. I do not like to watch all of your snow on the ground dying and getting crappy with foot-prints and gray stuff. It makes my face frown the whole time.

Sometimes, after I get new lenses in my glasses, one of your flakes will get on my glove or sleeve or something. Then I look at you and try to classify you as: amazing, beautiful, really cool or brokenie. This is a fun time for me. They say that no two of your flakes is alike. I used to believe that, but now I do not anymore. I think that it is highly improbable that in the history of the Earth (a million years or something) that every snowstorm that has happened (a thousand or more) that no two snowflakes were the same. That sounds crazy. I will bet that at least two have been alike. Yeah, I really think that I am right about this one.

Anyway, I hope a blizzard happens to me soon so that I can tell people I meet in the future that I "Remember the Blizzard of '09, and what a Blizzard that was." I really think that would be awesome to say to people. Plus people love hearing about weather incidents, that’s why people love the Weather Channel so much.

Cotton, popcorn, out my window...

Emily Illinois

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