Monday, August 17, 2009

Open Letter: To T.V.

Dear T.V.

I know that I do not tell you very often just how much I love you. But, I do. You have always been there for me in one way or another, especially when I need you. I do not even have to ask you, you are always available to me, even during the worst times. You want nothing from me in return, your selflessness is noble.

Sometimes you are sweet and make me cry. And sometimes you are violent and scare me. But, it’s what I want. You always know just what I want. Sometimes you are naz-tay, but that’s just between you and me...You take care of me when I am sick and stay off to the side when I just want things in the background. You even help me to stay sane when I am scared and alone, you chatter for me, just to remind me that the world still exists out there.

I think about how many times a day I turn you on. It makes me smile. To know that someone like me can have that effect on you, by barely even moving my hand...what can I say? You do the same for me. I sometimes stare at you all day--you are fascinating. Not only do you teach me new things, but you entertain me at the same time. You can do things for me that no one else does, that they do not want to do. When I have no one, I have you.

Day or night, you are there. I think about you all day when I am away from home. I cannot wait to get back to you. Is it wrong, what we do together? The amount of time we spend together? Some people might say so. They might say that I take advantage of you, that there are other things out there for me. But, are there really? How could I end what we have? How could I ever look back and not think about you? Some of my earliest memories involve you, making me laugh, sneaking around to see you, fighting over you with my sister--well, I am sure you remember all of that, was it ugly? Or did you love it? I am sure you loved it; sometimes you are such a perv.

I have sat here with you all day today. I have talked to no one. But you have made me laugh. Today you have come through for me once again. What can I do for you? Tell me, and I will do it, anything. If we could have this every day, forever...I guess though that if wishes were nickels, I would be a rich girl.

Thank you, T.V., for raising me, entertaining me, teaching me, saving me and for all of those other things that you do for me on a daily basis. You are appreciated and loved.

I know that when I turn you off, I can turn you on again,

Emily Illinois

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  1. I love that unless you knew better, this letter could very easily be to some boy. TV is better.